The Housing Network of Hamilton County provides quality, affordable, and accessible homes for people with disabilities to support them as valued members of our community.

Founded in 1992 by the Hamilton County Board of MR/DD, The Housing
Network of Hamilton County assists people with disabilities who may
experience difficulty in locating an affordable and accessible home that meets their needs and allows them to be a part of their community.

Studies show that people with disabilities are often under- or unemployed. Many are considered extremely low income, as they earn less than 30 percent of the area median income (less than $15,000/year for a single person
household). In addition, about 20 percent of people with a developmental
disability have a mobility impairment, which requires alterations to the home just to enable access. The Cincinnati-area has a shortage of affordable and
accessible homes that meet the needs of people with disabilities.  At The Housing Network of Hamilton County, we aim to lessen the financial burden on people with disabilities and their families by providing quality, affordable, and accessible housing for people with disabilities in neighborhoods that are closer to their families, friends, and jobs. We currently have 46 single-family and duplex homes — 22 of which are wheelchair accessible — all of which provide housing to more than 120 people with disabilities.



People with disabilities are valued neighbors in our community. The
Housing Network is a preferred partner for people with disabilities seeking quality, affordable, accessible housing options in a variety of

Everyone needs a place to relax and unwind. Everyone needs a place to call home. However, people with disabilities often find themselves isolated from their community in care facilities and group homes, all too often lacking a sense of community and belonging. Hamilton County has many active and
vibrant neighborhoods. We believe that providing housing resources that
allow people to live near their friends and family will have a positive impact on both the communities and our clients’ personal happiness.